During the workshop, your team collaborates to create a visual representation of the ecosystem in which your Association operates, and the relationships that currently exist within that ecosystem. Before the workshop ends, we look together at possibilities for finding new customers. This often includes turning sponsor companies into true business partners, or finding ways to get 'freeloaders' to pay for the value you have created for them. 

We Meet You Where You Are

We recognize that our Association clients have varying needs, based on a readiness to start venturing. That's why we offer a wide range of services to help along the way. 


Determine the players in your ecosystem with our half-day workshop. 


Learn about your potential new customers and the readiness of your current staff


Let us help you transition from a budget allocation system to an impact investing operation.

Ecosystem Mapping Workshop

Our most popular offering, the ecosystem mapping workshop is a great first step for Associations who want to diversify their revenue streams, but don't know how. In this half-day workshop, we focus on three areas - identifying and categorizing entities, determining links and value flows and finding new conversions. 


Customer Opportunity Discovery Project and Ranking Exercise

Associations that wish to take the next step in looking for business opportunities may retain our team to help find opportunities for future customers. We have five areas of criteria that we use to rank potential customers and guide your association towards a focus zone. We recommend that this process is undertaken during a half-day or full-day workshop facilitated by our team.  

Venture Partners Discovery Project
Once potential customers have been identified by your Association, or with help from our firm, we can guide you through the process of turning current organizational sponsors, who bring capital and expertise, into true business partners.

Venture Readiness Discovery Project
Are you wondering if your organization has the right elements needed to begin a new ventures? We can help you evaluate current readiness to start up a new venture and remedy any capacity gaps.

Impact Investing Project
If you're looking for a better way to evaluate your current assets, let us help you transition from a budget allocation system to an impact investing operation. 

Health Quality Registry Business Development Project

Several associations have already developed clinical registries as a member service. However, these platforms require significant start up capital and ongoing financial support. Our expert team brings a business perspective to support the initial development or expansion phase for a clinical  registry. Advisement and operational support addresses capital raise, selection of business partners, and execution of a successful business model that maximizes social impact and delivers sustainable revenue.

Clinical Guidelines Business Development Project

It's hard to find good examples of innovation around the clinical guidelines that many medical associations and societies create. Most guidelines are just a way to passively provide information. However, with focused effort, guidelines can be converted to algorithms and sold to hospitals for deployment within their digital workflow. Many private companies are already doing this, and are ready and willing partners for Associations who wish to obtain revenue and impact health through guidelines they are creating or have already created. 


Association Ventures